OMP Units

Tracing and Investigation Unit

This Unit is responsible for conducting investigations to search for missing and disappeared persons who fall within the OMP’s mandate, identify their whereabouts and clarify the circumstances in which they went missing. The OMP has the authority to act as an observer at excavations, exhumations and other proceedings of suspected gravesites. This Unit is not fully operationalised, however its work is being carried out by other units.

Legal, Policy and Research Unit

This Unit assists the OMP with its legal and policy direction. It provides legal and policy advice to the OMP on carrying out its duties and functions, conducting investigations, and cooperating with law enforcement agencies and the courts. Further, the Unit provides recommendations on areas for legal and policy reform, protecting the rights and interests of victims and their families, and ensuring non-recurrence. It is also responsible for preparing rules, guidelines, policies and standard operating procedures for the OMP.

Victim and Family Support Unit

This Unit ensures that data relating to missing and disappeared persons is recorded, as it is the first point of contact for families of the missing and disappeared. The Unit has been designed to provide holistic support and ensure the wellbeing of the family members. This includes assisting families to access administrative and welfare services and making referrals for specialized psychosocial care. The Unit works towards integrating a psychosocial responsive and victim-centred approach when developing policies, systems and strategies of the OMP to prevent or ameliorate further emotional distress. Assisted by the OMP staff at the Head Office, the Regional Offices collaborate with a wider network of support to help address psychosocial considerations of families of missing and disappeared persons.

Protection Unit

The responsibility of protecting the rights of victims and witnesses who face threats and reprisals is the primary duty of this Unit. In addition, it follows up on complaints made, and develops protocols and strategies related to ensuring protection for victims and witnesses at risk. Furthermore, this Unit liaises with state and non-state actors to ensure the safety of victims, witnesses and other collaborators of the OMP who face threats and intimidation. This Unit also ensures the security of the OMP staff and its premises.

Data Management Unit

The OMP is required to collate data concerning missing and disappeared persons who fall within its mandate. The Unit is consolidating data relating to missing and disappeared persons in a database, using information from previous Commissions of Inquiry, other state bodies, civil society organisations and complaints received by the OMP. The consolidated database can be regularly updated with new data and the OMP can use this database to carry out other tasks effectively, for instance, to conduct investigations, carry out effective case management and make referrals to relevant authorities. The consolidated database can be regularly updated with new data and the OMP can use this database when conducting investigations, carrying out effective case management and making referrals.

Communications and Outreach Unit

This Unit creates greater public awareness and understanding of the mandate and work of the OMP. Through developing awareness material and campaigns, and organising events and communication strategies, it focuses on advancing the rights of the missing and disappeared through engaging multiple stakeholders, including media and state officials. The Unit works towards ensuring that families of the missing and disappeared, as well as organisations and individuals working with them and the general public have a better understanding of the OMP’s role and services.

Human Resources and Administration Unit

This Unit manages the human resource and administrative functions of the OMP. It is responsible for overseeing the OMPs day-to-day operations, logistics, human resources, training, and office support. In addition, it ensures staff welfare and development.

Finance and Procurement Unit

This Unit manages all financial and procurement processes of the OMP. It provides support in terms of maintenance of fixed assets, preparation of budgets and accounts and monitors the OMP’s compliance to practices of financial regulations.