Technical Working Committee Meeting

March 20th, 2024

On March 14th, 2024, The inaugural Technical Working Committee Meeting convened at the Auditorium, National Integration Unit, Ministry of Justice, focusing on the implementation of key functions of the Office on Missing Persons. Attended by esteemed representatives from relevant sectors,

• Additional Secretary (Ministry of Justice)

• Chairman (Office on Missing Persons)

• Executive Director (Office on Missing Persons)

• Registrar General (Registrar General Department)

• Director UN Division (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

• Director, National Integration Unit (Ministry of Justice)

• Government Advocate (Attorney General's Department)

• Additional District Registrar Legal (Registrar General Department)

• Additional Registrar General (Registrar General Department)

• Senior Deputy General (Registrar General Department)

• Director (Department of Fisheries)

• Director Legal (President's Office)

• Director, Legal and HR (Sri Lanka Army)

• Registrar, Fingerprint (Sri Lanka Police)

• Senior Registrar (Criminal Records Division)

• Director Development (Department of Fisheries)

• Deputy Director (Office for Reparation)

• Assistant Director (Office for National Unity and Reconciliation)

Technical Working Committee Meeting